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Class: PHP OpenSSL Encrypt and Decrypt File
Encrypt and decrypt file data using OpenSSL
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OpenSSL File Encrypt

Simple symmetric file encryption.


Provide strong file encryption using OpenSSL, via an easy-to-use PHP wrapper.

One use is to avoid direct OpenSSL interaction, such as:

    openssl enc -e -aes-256-cbc -in abc.txt -out abc.enc -k password -S deadbeef

and offer something simpler:

    php cmdline_example.php -e abc.txt



    php cmdline_example.php -e abc.txt

results in the encrypted file abc.txt.osl


    php cmdline_example.php -d abc.txt.osl

results in abc.txt, with the correct password

-- and overwrites the original file abc.txt if it is present in the same directory.

Max File Size

The maximum file size that can be processed is approximately 1.8GB.

This limit is seemingly dictated by the PHP openssl module (OpenSSL itself on the command-line will process 2GB+ files).

Low Memory Systems

A file-chunking version for limited memory availability works with the non-counter (CTR) mode ciphers.

Appending the HMAC to the final file and decrypting successfully is not yet ready.


OpenSSL File Encrypt is released under the GPL v.3.