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Class: Laravel Upload File Manager
Manage the upload of public and private files
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[RaggiTech] Laravel >= 6.0 - Uploader.

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Laravel Uploader provides a quick and easy methods to upload files and handling visibility with simple routing.


Install the latest version using Composer:

$ composer require raggitech/laravel-uploader

then publish the migration & config files

$ php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-uploader
$ php artisan migrate


<a name="config"></a>

Configurations / Options

*	prefix 		=> Hash Prefix
*	visitable	=> Visits Counter
*	private		=> Only Permitted Users

<a name="UG"></a>

Uploading & Getting

function upload(UploadedFile $file, array $options = [])
function getUpload(string $hash)

// Upload File
$file = upload($request->image, [
	'visitable'	=> true

// Getting Uploaded File with Hash code
$file = getUploaded('5e63885fa771d1.12185481920ncF3...');

// Information
echo $file->hash; // File's Hash
echo $file->name; // File's Name
echo $file->path; // File's Path
echo $file->size; // File's Size in Bytes
echo $file->readableSize(); // File's Readable Size
echo $file->extension; // File's Extension
echo $file->mime; // File's MIME

echo $file->visits; // File's visits (Visitable File)

<a name="URL_UP"></a>

URL & Uploader

echo $file->url(); // Getting Uploaded File's URL
// <img src"{{ $file->url() }}" alt="{{ $file->name }}">

$user = $file->uploader; // Getting Uploader's Model

<a name="dd"></a>

Deleting Uploaded File


<a name="permits"></a>

Permits (Private File)

$permits = $file->permits; // Getting Permits List
$permitted = $file->isPermitted($user); // Checking if permitted (App\User)

$file->permit($user, '2021-02-01'); // Permitting a user
$file->forbid($user); // Forbidding a user


MIT license