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Get the names of each basic PHP data type
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PHP type names ??

Get all valid PHP type names with constants.

? Overview

Simple library containing the list of constants for the available PHP data types. Use those constant types in your project when you need to mention a data type, use those constants instead of hardcoding them.

?? Requirements

?? Installation

Install it easily with Composer

composer require ph-7/datatype

? Example

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use PH7\Datatype\Type;

$id = settype($_GET['id'], Type::STRING);

$name = settype($inputName, Type::STRING);

? Who cooked it?

Pierre-Henry Soria

[![@phenrysay][twitter-image]]( [![pH-7][github-image]](

Pierre-Henry Soria, a highly passionate, zen & pragmatic software engineer ?

?? License

PHP type names is generously distributed under the MIT.

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