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File: _class.pfp.php
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<? /* Last Modified: 6/19/01 8:55PM by Jusitn Koivisto [Koivi Media] This is my implementation of a class for using PayflowPro transactions. I programmed this so that I had an easy way of integrating the Verisign stuff into some existing sites. All information used to base this class on was taken directly out of the Payflow Pro Developer?s Guide (Release Date: November 9, 2000). Tender types that are supported by this class are: Credit Cards (Purchase, Business, Corporate) Tender types to have support added soon: Electronic Checks ACH Checks Functions that you will use include: pfp_class($user,$pwd,$test=1,$port=443,$time='45',$prox='',$proxp='',$proxl='',$proxw='') The class constructor. This is called whenever you need to instantiate a class object. $user your Verisign merchant ID $pwd your Verisign password $test set this to 1 if you are only testing $port the port of the processing server $time the timeout for the transaction $prox your proxy server (if needed) $proxp your proxy port $proxl your proxy login $proxw your proxy password CustomerDetails($name,$street,$city,$state,$zip,$phone='',$email='',$drvlic='') Use this to set information about the purchasing party. The parameters should not need more explanation than saying $drvlic is for the driver's license number of the customer. UseCreditCard($acct,$amt,$expdate,$trxtype,$commcard='P') This is the function to call to make a credit card transaction. $acct Credit card number $amt Amount of transaction $expdate Expiration date of the card (MMYY) $trxtype Transaction type (See TRXTYPE in Payflow Pro Developer's Guide) $commcard Card type (See COMMCARD in Payflow Pro Developer's Guide) sets: $respmesg The response string given from the transaction (error messages, feedback, etc.) $authcode The authorization code issued from the bank $pnref Payment Network Reference ID for transaction $avsaddr String telling of matching state of customer's street address from the Address Verification Service $avszip String telling of matching state of customer's zip code address from the Address Verification Service returns: 1 on accepted transaction 0 on declined transaction -1 on communication error */ if(!$PFP_CLASS_INC) $PFP_CLASS_INC=TRUE; else return(0); class pfp_class{ var $host; // the server that will handle the transaction var $port; // the port of the above server to use var $phost; // proxy host var $pport; // proxy port var $plog; // proxy login var $ppwd; // proxy password var $user; // the Verisign account id var $pwd; // the Verisign account passwd var $timeout; // default timeout is 45 secs, less than 30 not recommended var $trxtype; // the type of transaction var $tender; // card, check, etc. var $amt; // amount of transaction var $acct; // credit card number var $expdate; // card expire date var $micr; // magenetic ink check reader (e-checks) var $chknum; // number of e-check var $aba; // ABA routing number (ACH) var $accttype; // account type - 'S'avings or 'C'hecking - (ACH) var $name; // client name var $street; // client address var $city; // client city var $state; // client state var $zip; // client postal code var $drvlic; // client driver license number var $email; // client email address var $phone; // client phone # var $pnref; // Payment Network Reference ID for transaction var $authcode; // issued by bank for accepted trx var $comment1; // reporting and auditing purposes var $comment2; // reporting and auditing purposes var $origid; // returned from transaction - used when referencing previous trx var $taxamt; // amount of tax (commercial cards) var $ponum; // purchase order number (commercial cards) var $commcard; // used to specify type of card (default is purchase card) var $respmesg; // message string returned from transaction attempt var $avsaddr; // AVS response on street address var $avszip; // AVS response on zip code // Class constructor // user and pwd refer to the Verisign account function pfp_class($user,$pwd,$test=0,$port=443,$time='45',$prox='',$proxp='',$proxl='',$proxw=''){ if($test) $this->host=''; else $this->host=''; $this->port=$port; $this->timeout=$time; $this->user=$user; $this->pwd=$pwd; $this->phost=$prox; $this->pport=$proxp; $this->plog=$proxl; $this->ppwd=$proxw; $this->amt=0; $this->tender=''; } // Set customer details function CustomerDetails($name,$street,$city,$state,$zip,$phone='',$email='',$drvlic=''){ $this->name=$name; $this->street=$street; $this->city=$city; $this->state=$state; $this->zip=$zip; $this->drvlic=$drvlic; $this->email=$email; $this->phone=$phone; } // this trx function is for using credit cards. // return values: 1 = accepted, 0 = rejected, -1 no attempt (communication error) function UseCreditCard($acct,$amt,$expdate,$trxtype,$commcard='P'){ // commcard is used to commercial cards. Value passed should // be one of the following: // P Purchase Card (normal, default) // C Corporate Card // B Business Card // the date sent to this function should always be in the // format of MMYY $now=date("ym"); $tmp=substr($expdate,2,2).substr($expdate,0,2); if($tmp<=$now){ PFP_ERROR("Expiration date is not in the future."); return 0; } $result=$this->SetTender('C'); if(!$result){ PFP_ERROR("Invalid or unsupported tender type"); } unset($result); $result=$this->SetTrxType($trxtype); if(!$result){ PFP_ERROR("Invalid or unsupported transfer type"); } unset($result); $this->acct=$acct; $this->amt=$amt; $this->expdate=$expdate; $this->commcard=$commcard; // create the transaction array $parameters=array( "USER" => "$this->user", "PWD" => "$this->pwd", "TRXTYPE" => "$this->trxtype", "TENDER" => "$this->tender", "ACCT" => "$this->acct", "EXPDATE" => "$this->expdate", "AMT" => "$this->amt", "COMMENT1" => "$this->comment1", "COMMENT1" => "$this->comment1", "ORIGID" => "$this->origid", "STREET" => "$this->street", "ZIP" => "$this->zip", "COMMCARD" => "$this->commcard" ); if($this->phost && $this->pport && $this->plog & $this->ppwd){ $result=pfpro_process($parameters,$this->host,$this->port,$this->timeout,$this->phost,$this->pport,$this->plog,$this->ppwd); }else{ $result=pfpro_process($parameters,$this->host,$this->port,$this->timeout); } $this->ParseResponse($result); if($result['RESULT']==0) return 1; else if($result['RESULT']>0) return 0; else return -1; } // function to find out what the response was from the transaction // returns a string based on result of transaction function ParseResponse($result){ foreach($result as $key => $val){ if($key=='PNREF') $this->pnref=$val; if($key=='AUTHCODE') $this->authcode=$val; if($key=='RESPMSG') $this->respmesg=$val; if($key=='AVSADDR'){ switch($val){ case 'X': $this->avsaddr="Service Unavailable"; break; case 'N': $this->avsaddr="No Match"; break; case 'Y': $this->avsaddr="Match"; break; } } if($key=='AVSZIP'){ switch($val){ case 'X': $this->avszip="Service Unavailable"; break; case 'N': $this->avszip="No Match"; break; case 'Y': $this->avszip="Match"; break; } } } } // this is called by trx functions function SetTender($tender){ if(!ereg('[CKA]',$tender)) return 0; $this->tender=$tender; return 1; } // this is called by trx functions function SetTrxType($trxtype){ if(!ereg("[SCADVF]",$trxtype)) return 0; $this->trxtype=$trxtype; return 1; } } function PFP_ERROR($msg){ echo "<font size=+2 color=#ff0000>$msg</font><br>\n"; } ?>